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Our History

The history of Secretary dates back to the proprietary governorships of Maryland in 1661.  Lord Sewell served as Secretary of the Province of Maryland.  For his service, he was given a tract of land on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  in his honor, the land was named Secretary.  When he built his colonial mansion on 1662 Indians roamed the forests surrounding Secretary.

In the 1800's the first county almshouse, called "Sunnyside" was built across the Secretary Creek from Lord Sewell's mansion.  In the later half of the nineteenth century the Manor House was sold.  In 1883, the first surveyed lot was sold.  This was the beginning of the present Town of Secretary.

The people of Secretary engaged in oystering for their livelihood.  An oyster packing house was opened and was later expanded to include the packing of fruits and vegetables.  The population of Secretary increased as laborers began to arrive to work and to raise their families.  The Town of Secretary was incorporated in 1900.

In the early 1900's the steamboat wharf was a major stopping place of various steamboat lines from Baltimore.  Secretary was noted for more Eastern Shore vegetables to Baltimore than any other point on the peninsula.

School life began in Secretary in 1865 through the efforts of a private tutor.  In 1887 the County furnished a teacher.  The Town Hall was used to hold classes.  A one room school was built in 1889 and then enlarged in 1908.  A modern brick school was erected in 1939.  The town kept growing and eventually experienced the need for a larger school.  The present Warwick Elementary School was built and occupied January 31, 1977.

The first religious service was conducted in one of the wharf houses in the early 1880's.  The first church building was built in 1886 by the Methodist Episcopal denomination.  Five families of Secretary came together to build another Methodist Church in 1897, the St. Luke's Methodist Protestant Church.  In 1939 the two national Methodist Denominations united to form the United Methodist Church.  However, this union did not take place in Secretary.  Due to what was perceived as an "unacceptable" approach to church practices, the smaller Methodist Protestant Church refused to disband and to unite with the larger church.  Therefore, on January 1, 1941, the church became affiliated with The Christian and Missionary Alliance.  On March 1, 1943, the church was organized as a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.

On July 24, 1957, under the leadership of the Rev. R.B. Stewart, the church was incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland with The Christian and Missionary Alliance.  The Church was then known as The St. Luke's Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Secretary.  On November 18, 1987, the church purchased 5.3 acres of land upon which to build for expanded ministry opportunities.  On Sunday, February 24, 1991, the new worship facility was dedicated to the glory of God.