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Our Pastors

Head Pastor

Pastor Mark Brumley was raised in Georgia and Indiana in a Christian home - the middle child of three. He graduated from Vincennes University, Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary. Following graduation, he served as career Missionary to Burkina Faso, West Africa for nearly 7 years. Upon returning to the US, he was a church planting Pastor for 16 years. He has been in Ministry for 29 years and married to his lovely wife Jeddie for 31 years. They have three grown children:  Joshua who lives in Denver, Colorado and Cherisse (Brumley) La Salle who lives in Bloomington Indiana, as well as Elizabeth (Brumley) Beattie who is finishing College in Nyack this year. 

Jeddie was a missionary kid to Alliance Missionaries, Jerry and Nora McGarvey, and the youngest of five siblings. She taught for 16 years in both Burkina Faso and Western PA. She lived in West Africa for 24 years!

Pastor Mark is passionate about reaching people for Jesus Christ in a culturally relevant and Biblically sound manner.  He is committed to discipling others to become mature believers who then multiply themselves and is intentionally pursuing personal spiritual formation through coaching.  Above all else, he is a missionary at heart who loves God deeply and seeks all He has for him.

 Associate Pastor of Youth Ministry and Worship Arts

  Pastor Brandon Pearce grew up near Savannah, Ga. He began following Christ in middle school through his youth group. In the years to follow, he discovered his two passions: missions and music. In May 2014, Pastor Brandon graduated from Toccoa Falls College with a B.S. in Cross Cultural Adult Education and a B.S. in Music with a focus in Worship Arts. On August 15, 2015 he married his beautiful bride, Elsie Adele Cummins, and they are enjoying the thrills and challenges that marriage brings. He enjoys a wide variety of games, especially hack-e-sack, RISK, racquetball, snowboarding, Minecraft, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. He also loves making new friends and partnering with others in ministry. More than anything, Pastor Brandon cannot comprehend the faithfulness of God in his life, despite his unworthiness of such great love.


Board of Elders

Don Bartley, Mac Nossick, and Dave Hurley

Office Administrator

                                                         Diana Nossick


Head Deaconess - Diana Nossick,  Flowers - Yvonne Bogert,  Cards - Norma Era,  
Nursery - Bonnie Rogers,   Meals - Colleen Marsh,  Communion - Christine English, 
Kitchen - Harriet Corbett   Shut-Ins - Joan Collins,  and  Decorations - Krista Kolb


George Brittingham, Bobby Harding, John Holliday, Hobart Rogers


Randy Bogert, Steve Harris, J.W. Tyler, and Richard Clay

Great Commission Women President

Susie Bartley

Alliance Men's President

Carnie Marsh

Christian Education Chairman

Becky Cooney