Living and sharing... ...the love of Jesus Christ

Local Mission Effort 

Overflow Cafe, Cambridge, MD

Our local mission effort is a cafe in Cambridge.  We are enjoying participating in what God is doing in the hearts and lives of those that we come in contact with and many relationships are being made with the people we meet there.  

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Sent Out

We are very privileged to have our lives intersect with the people pictured below.  We are honored to have watched them grow to become people that God is using all over the world.  From left to right:  Don and Rachel Schaeffer (currently on home assignment in Plymouth, Wisconsin before entering full - time ministry with the Alliance), Michael Shiflet (teaching English while working with the Aroma, and Envision Site in Taipei, Taiwan), Jaclyn and John Oliveras (Pastoral Ministries in Geneva, Ohio), Nick and Melissa Willke (Pastoral Ministries in Hawaii)


Cleveland, Ohio 2015

A team of our youth and sponsors had the opportunity to go to Cleveland, Ohio to serve alongside the team with Envision Cleveland.  Envision is an innovative, creative mission opportunity that is sponsored by the Christian and Missionary Alliance working at sites all over the world.  The team worked on a variety of projects including a community garden and a bike clinic.  


Papua, Indonesia 2013

A team of people from Sunnyside had the opportunity to go to Papua, Indonesia to serve alongside Todd and Debbie Adams, full time missionaries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  It was an amazing experience for everybody who was involved.  While we were there, we participated in an English/Soccer camp for students.  It was also very exciting that we got to spend some time with Don and Rachel Schaeffer in Japan and Michael Shiflet who came from Taiwan to meet us in Bali.